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Tubelight review, Will Salman’s movie will keep up with the box office records

Salman Khan Tubelight Movie Review: This is one of the most awaited movies of Salman Khan. Tubelight released on Eid this year. Last year, Salman Khan has Sultan released on the occasion of Eid and that was a blockbuster hit. Sultan is the seventh highest grossing film ever.

Is Tubelight based on any other film: Yes, Tubelight is based on the Hollywood film, Little Boy and the film is based on India-China war which took pace in 1962. The film talks about the futility of war and the human tragedy resulting out of a war.

Salman working with Kabir Khan for a third time: This is for the third time that Salman Khan is working with Kabir Khan. Earlier Salman Khan partnered with Kabir Khan in films like Ek Tha Tiger(2012) and Bajrangi Bhaijaan(2015).

Stars of Tubelight: Tubelight features Salman Khan, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, Sohail Khan, Zeeshan Ayub, Om Puri. The film has been given a U certificate by the censor board.

Total run time of Salman Khan’s Tubelight – 2 hours and 16 minutes


Story/Plot of Tubelight:

The film has its background as the India-China war of 1962 and the film talks about the futility of war. Salman is referred as Tubelight lovingly, Laxman, Salman’s character lives in a beautiful town of North India. he lives along with younger brother Bharat played by Sohail Khan. The two brothers are inseparable.  Laxman is a simple person and he has a unique way of seeing the world. Bharat, is very protective about his brother.

Laxman is left with no one when the India-China war starts and he is left on his own as Bharat joins the war as an army man. tensions just continues to escalate and Laxman sees carnage all around, Seeing all this Laxman decides that he will get his brother back.


Rating of Tubelight and Public Talk about Tubelight

Tubelight is a heart warming story and gives a message about the human tragedy associated with war. There s is a lot of emotions related to the carnage left with war, the film is heavy with emotions in the second half while the first half of the film has light moments. The climax of the movie is great and you can also see late Bollywood actor Om Puri in action.

Tubelight Rating : we will update the rating of the Tubelight soon

Audience Response to Tubelight, Public Talk for Tubelight


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