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Top 5 most bizarre and dangerous beaches in the world


There are some beaches in the world which are quite bizarre and dangerous. Some shorelines are really dangerous and you must think may times before going to those beaches.

5. Papakolea: The Green Sand Beach in Hawaii

This is a green sand beach and is made up of a hollowed out, it erupted around 50000 years ago. Going to this totally green beach is rather difficult considering that you have to drive on a long, out of the way road and then you need to park nearly 3 km away. That is really tough. There are strong undercurrents so in case of any issues you will be left with no help except your own.

4. Kaihalulu: Hawaii’s Red Sand Beach

This beach is located in Hawaii and it has all colors: white, gold, black, green, and even red. There is rock and mineral content in the sand. This is a dangerous beach, so please trade carefully in the waters of this beach.

3. The Most Polluted Beach on Earth

There is a lot of plastic pollution these days and you are certainly going to encounter a lot of  trash. There is over 38,000 pounds of plastic and there is a whopping 3,570 pieces of trash which makes it one of the most polluted beaches in the world.

2. The Glass Beach of California

This beach is also full of trash and you should better not trade on this beach. The rubble started with the famous San Francisco earthquake of 1906. all the rubble was dumped in the ocean and there is a lot of trash there, better not go near this beach.

1. Hot Water Beach in New Zealand

New Zealand’s hot water beach, this beach should be better avoided, the reason is that the beach has very strong rip current, which can be dangerous to you until and unless you are an excellent swimmer.


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