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Story, review and rating of Kootathil Oruthan


Kootathil Oruthan Movie Rating and Review – Askoh Selvan has returned as Arvind in the film Kootathil Oruthan. The story tells about a person belonging to a middle class person.

Kootathil Oruthan can be translated in English as  One Amongst The Crowd is a Tamil language film and the film features Ashok Selvan and Priya Anand in the leading roles.

Music is by Nivas Prasanna.

The film has been produced by Dream Warrior Pictures and Ramaniyam Talkies.

Story: Arvind is an ordinary person and lives a life which has not been noticed by anyone either at home or in school. He falls in love with Janani, a class topper. Opposite to Arvind she is a go-getter and popular and participates in all the activities of the schools.

The story is of a middle-bencher and falls for a first bench girl.

Review: The movie tells the story of a middle bencher, a middle class man and the daily issues that he faces.The film is a good one to watch and the performances in the film has been especially very appreciable.

Kootathil Oruthan Movie Rating: 2.5/5

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