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mAadhaar app: Now you can carry Aadhar on your mobile phone

mAadhaar app

UIDAI or the The Unique Identification Authority of India has now come up with mAadhaar app which can be used to sync data on your mobile phones. Your Aadhar data can now be synched with your mobile phone and you can virtually carry the Aadhaar card in your mobile phone.

Where is mAadhar available: At the moment mAadhar is available only on Google Android and you can download it from the Google Play in the Google Play Store on your Android mobile phone.

You need to be careful that you do not mistype as there are chances that you land up with many of the fake apps existing in the Google Play. So be very careful and type the mAadhaar correctly in the Google Play.

What mAadhaar app  does, whats is its purpose: 

Once you set up the mAadhaar app in your Mobile including your phone number, address and other details. This app makes it easier for the third party, external users to download your details. Its a pure responsibility of the user to share their details with anyone which this app will make it very easy to use.

For example in case you are buying a SIM card for a new phone connection then this App is going to make very easy for your provider to take down your details. So mAadhaar will make it very easy to share your information with the third parties.


How mAadhaar app works and how to set up an mAadhar?

One thing that you need to remember while you are downloading the mAadhar app on your mobile phone is that you should use the same number which you have given in while registering your Aadhaar card. you are going to get the OTP on only the number which you shared while registering for your Aadhar Card. in case your SIM card is not active then you will not be able to set up the Aadhar card.

So the first thing to do is that you should have the same number which you used for registering the Aadhar card.

You will need or set up a password for your Aadhar Card and that is essential for security. You should set up a unique password which you are able to remember and it is unique at the same time.

Once you have entered the password, you will be asked to enter the Aadhar data which you have on your Aadhar card. A verification code will be sent after that which you can use to set up your mAadhaar.

What after you set up your profile in mAadhaar”

Once you have set up your profile in mAadhaar. In case you have gone to the UIDAI website to lock on the bio-metrics of Aadhar then the app is going to prompt you to lock these. Please note that after locking your biometrics, you will not be able to activate it for any new service.

Example: You are opening your bank account with Aadhaar verification and you have locked your bio-metrics then bio-metrics will not work as you have locked them. The Bio-metrics can however be opened through ‘Settings’.

What is the main thing that the mAadhaar does:

The mAadhaar enables you to share your  e-KYC or QR code easily and these code has all the date for verification purposes. You can also share your e-KYC via Bluetooth and email. In each step, you will be asked for your password, so make sure that you remember your password.

Is mAadhaar safe to use:

The idea behind mAadhaar is making Aadhaar card simple to use. Today, most of us have a smartphones and we carry it everywhere, so it makes us very easy to avail a serviecs through mAadhaar as it is easy to share details with mAadhaar.

There are certain risks in case you do not have a strong password or your password is stolen or your mobile phone is stolen. In all such cases, there is a potential risk that your Aadhaar card data becomes publicly available or some one misuses your Aadhar card information. So make sure that in case, you lose your mobile phone, then you quickly lock your SIM card through the help of the service provider.

mAadhaar app
mAadhaar app


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