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Know Actress Ashley Tisdale fitness diet


Would you like to know the fitness diet of actressAshley Tisdale?

The actress takes carbohydrates “once a week” and she has cut from dairy because of food sensitivities issues.

“I recently found out what my food sensitivities are, so I had to cut dairy out and certain other foods that weren’t good for me… Also, as much as I love carbs, I cut them down a lot. I allow myself to have them once a week,” Tisdale told

The actress also drinks “plenty of water”, and believes staying hydrated and getting enough sleep are essential for flawless skin.

She added: “Drinking plenty of water and sleep are my biggest beauty tips. Treat your body how you treat your skin and you will always feel good.”

Tisdale has her own beauty and skincare line titled Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, but the star believes feeling good is not about a person’s appearance but about their internal character.

“I have a make-up line, Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, and yes it’s easy to put make-up on and go out, but true confidence comes from within. For me, it’s all about feeling good,”she said.

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