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Jagga Jasoos Movie Rating, review, public talk and audience response to Jagga Jasoos


Jagga Jasoos Movie Rating and Review:

Ranbir Kapoor is back again after a long time to entertain and mesmerize the audiences once again. He is with gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif this time. The film is full of adventure and fun. The movie which is hitting the theatres today is a great watch because of the fun and adventure aspect of the film.

The film has been directed by Anurag Basu.


Jagga Jasoos is basically a comedy and it can also be termed as a musical adventure as the films has a lot of hit songs which has been a favorite among the audiences in the recent times.

The lead roles in the film has been done Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Adah Sharma. The film narrates the story of a teenage detective who is out there to search of his father. The film is hitting the theaters today. So all you youngsters get, set ready to watch this film full of fun and adventure.

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Jagga Jasoos rating, movie review, story and plot:

A guy is left in a child school and a day care and he is waiting for his father to return and take him to home, he is counting the days as to when his father will return home and take him to home. His waiting becomes longer and the father never returns. He loses hope and as a young detective he sets out to find out his father. This becomes a life changing adventure for him and in this quest for his father, Katrina Kaif joins him and they are both on a fun filled adventure.


People keep telling him that his father has died in a car crash but he does not believe any of them. Katrina Kaif is in the role of a journalist named Shruti. Jagga also stutters from his childhood so whenever there is some extraordinary situation, he starts singing.

Review: The story-line of this film is exceptional and the direction by Anurag Basu is very good. The main attraction of the film is the performances by the lead pair of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. the music is good and some of the songs are craze today. The music in the film has been given by Pritam.

There are 23 songs in the film and the songs have been sing by Ranbir Kapoor to describe a situation.


Jagga Jasoos Movie Rating: 3.5/5

Jagga Jasoos Movie verdict: A prominent trade analyst who watched the premiere shows  in Dubai says that this is the best performance ever by Ranbir Kapoor.

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