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Huawei “Honor 8 Pro” to have 4th generation duel-lens camera


Chinese smartphone major Huawei,  is going to bring  “Honor 8 Pro” in India and it will have 4th generation duel-lens camera.

Honor 8 pro willl be launched in July and the price of the phone will be around Rs 37,000 (which is its approximate price in the European market).

Camera in the phone

“Honor 8 Pro” is going to have a 12 MP camera and it will have the best-in-classs hardware and software — from optical lenses to sensors and image processing algorithms, empowering users to capture high-quality images.

“The two lenses work in tandem to deliver the perfect shot — the monochrome lens captures a black-and-white image with incredible depth of detail while RGB lens ensures vivid colour reproduction. The sophisticated software brings the best of two worlds together,” Allen Wang, Director, Product Centre, Huawei India Consumer Business Group, told IANS.

The camera’s wide aperture range delivers DSLR-like depth of field effects for both photo and video shooting.

“Our 4th generation camera setup in ‘Honor 8 Pro’ will bring our years of expertise in the dual-camera setup and impeccable capturing capabilities to the Indian consumers,” Wang added.

“In this industry, we need to constantly innovate to serve our customers better. Our focus is to bridge innovation and technology, create an elite ecosystem of industry visionaries and offer products that significantly enhance the way people connect with one another,” Wang told IANS.

“As part of our strategy, we will leverage on our innovations to shape the next era of consumer technology,” he added.

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