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How safe it is to use mAadhaar, know the risks


mAadhaar has been launched by the government body UIDAI. The idea is to make the uses of Aadhaar very easy. Since a person carries a phone everywhere, it will be easy for him to carry his Aadhaar details on the phone. Moreover data to third parties can be easily  transferred with mAadhaar.

The idea behind mAadhaar is making Aadhaar card simple to use. Today, most of us have a smartphones and we carry it everywhere, so it makes us very easy to avail a services through mAadhaar as it is easy to share details with mAadhaar.

The question however is that, how safe it is to use mAadhaar. Since its an App, there are risks.

There are certain risks in case you do not have a strong password or your password is stolen or your mobile phone is stolen. In all such cases, there is a potential risk that your Aadhaar card data becomes publicly available or some one misuses your Aadhar card information. So make sure that in case, you lose your mobile phone, then you quickly lock your SIM card through the help of the service provider.

Have strong Password

Lock the SIM in case you have misplaced your phone or your phone has been stolen.

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