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How mAadhaar works, know how to set up mAadhaar


mAadhaar has been launched by the UIADAI, which is the body responsible for distributing Aadhaar cards. Aadhaar cards is very useful as government has made it mandatory for many purposes. It has also been linked with your PAN card and whatever work you have, you will be required to present your Aadhaar card.

With mAadhaar, it has become very easy to share information with third parties.

How mAadhaar app works and how to set up an mAadhar?

One thing that you need to remember while you are downloading the mAadhar app on your mobile phone is that you should use the same number which you have given in while registering your Aadhaar card. you are going to get the OTP on only the number which you shared while registering for your Aadhar Card. in case your SIM card is not active then you will not be able to set up the Aadhar card.

So the first thing to do is that you should have the same number which you used for registering the Aadhar card.

You will need or set up a password for your Aadhar Card and that is essential for security. You should set up a unique password which you are able to remember and it is unique at the same time.

Once you have entered the password, you will be asked to enter the Aadhar data which you have on your Aadhar card. A verification code will be sent after that which you can use to set up your mAadhaar.

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