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India Spot News brings news, information, interesting stories, entertainment stuff, special stories, deep focus on crucial topics and pictures and videos from India and around the world. Unlike and average news website, its stories are unique and what people like to read.

India Spot News understands the diversity of India and world. It is an effort to bring together people through awareness. While we cover Bollywood in great detail, at the same time, India Spot News covers Hollywood in equally great detail. India Spot News covers cinema not only in English but in various Indian regional languages as well as world languages.

Why India Spot News is different from an average news site:

India Spot News is certainly different from an average site, the simple reason is that we do not cover the average news which is mostly ubiquitous political stories.

We bring you the best from every part of the world because we want you to be aware about interesting stories from around the world. We bring to you all, because we understand that you want to know and understand different ways of life and happenings.

Have a look at the link:

You will surely find a number of great stories here updated daily.

We bring news in an entertaining way:

India Spot News writes in a simple way, which you can understand, you will certainly enjoy reading news on our site.

Unbiased and Factual:

We try our best to remain factual. We want to be 100% correct all the times, so whatever you read on our site is 100% factual. There is no beating about bush and we hit the substance right from the word ‘go’. India Spot News is a source which you are surely going to trust.


Our aim is to become ‘exhaustive’ as we grow. The simple reason that India Spot News wants to be exhaustive is the fact that readers do not really want to explore a lot of sites to read different news, rather they like a site where they can get everything.

We understand this and therefore you willl find everything here. Even if you are an Indian where Ice Hockey is not such a popular sport, still you will find ample coverage; only a little less than Cricket, which obviously gets more coverage because of the popularity of the sport in the region.

Have a look at teh number of sections and number of subsections we have:

Citizen journalism

We encourage citizen journalism because we know that our readers can be the best source of news, so we encourage our readers to report and be rewarded in return. Citizen journalism will be the strength of India Spot News as we go along.

Pictures and Videos:

We know and understand that website is all about pictures and videos. as the saying goes, pictures say a thousands words, we try our best to bring the best pictures. India Spot News aims to build association with many of the top news agencies world wide, which will enable it to bring the best pictures from around the world.

Look at some of our pictures in news, it is a great way to be informed; quickly and effectively:

We also aim to provide the best video, so you do not miss an important event. A mixture of text, video and picture willl definitely give a teeth to a specific stories and readers will be able to easily absorb information.

Most of the stories include pictures as well as videos.

India – Special focus

While India Spot News aims to cover the world over its various section, its focus remains India. One of the aims of the site is to bring issues of importance which we face in our everyday life.

India Spot News welcomes ideas and opinion from our readers:

India Spot News welcomes your ideas and suggestions. We would love to incorporate your ideas and suggestions. Feel free to write, if we find your suggestions and ideas appropriate, we would love to incorporate it.

How to be a part of India Spot News:

Do you love writing? Are you interested in sharing special and unique stories? India Spot News will provide you the platform to express your ideas to a wide audience. We encourage our readers to write for us. We also plan to suitably reward our readers, so while you write for us, you are monetarily rewarded while making a name for yourself. India Spot News can also be a beginning to your journalism career. Just click the below link to go to our ‘Contact Us’ page and write to us. We will get back to you within 48 hours and will send you instructions to start with India Spot News.

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Against Piracy

We give utmost importance to the originality of  news, therefore we try our best to maintain the originality of news. While we have subscriber to various news agencies around the world, we have freelancers, in-house team and citizen journalists who contribute to India Spot News.

Social Media

India Spot News understands the importance of the social media in the present world. We contribute our news to social media, therefore if you are on Facebook or Google plus, you are surely going to find us.

Look at our facebook page:

Have a look at our Twitter page:

We thank our readers

India Spot News thanks its readers as they are the real strength of teh site and they are the one who consistently encourage us to grow better everyday. We are certainly on track and want to emerge as the premier source of news. You can also find is on app store and Google play. We take this opportunity to thank all our readers.



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