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Dhanush walks out in anger from tv9 show

dhanush TV9 interview

Dhanush had come to Hyderabad to promote his movie VIP . The film has the famous Bollywood actress Kajol. The film also has Amala Paul, Samuthirakani and Saranya Ponvannan.

The actor Dhanush walked out of the TV show of TV 9 in Hyderabad after he was quizzed about his personal life. The questions asked to the actor related to controversy  and speculations (Suchi leaks) about various alleged problems going in his family.

Dhanush was being asked tricky questions such as the latest drug scandal that is hitting Tollywood and after theta the anchor person started asking him questions related to his family related to the Suchi leaks.

The questions related to the ‘mental agony’ that Dhanush has gone through after Suchi leaks etc. Dhanush replied “Who said I went through mental agony.”

Dhanush said that “This is a really stupid interview.” He walks out of the interview in anger as instead of promotions, the questions being asked delved into other matters which Dhanush was not comfortable answering.


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