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India Spot News brings news, information, interesting stories, entertainment stuff, special stories, deep focus on crucial topics and pictures and videos from India and around the world. Unlike and average news website, its stories are unique and what people like to read.

India Spot News understands the diversity of India and world. It is an effort to bring together people through awareness. While we cover Bollywood in great detail, at the same time, India Spot News covers Hollywood in equally great detail. India Spot News covers cinema not only in English but in various Indian regional languages as well as world languages.

Why India Spot News is different from an average news site:

India Spot News is certainly different from an average site, the simple reason is that we do not cover the average news which is mostly ubiquitous political stories.

We bring you the best from every part of the world because we want you to be aware about interesting stories from around the world. We bring to you all, because we understand that you want to know and understand different ways of life and happenings.

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You will surely find a number of great stories here updated daily.

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