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7th pay commission: list of all approved allowances


The Union Cabinet on June 28 has cleared the 7th Pay Commission Allowances. Here are the top 12 allowances which has been cleared by the central government and which is going to help the government employees.

The combined financial implication is hence estimated at Rs 30748.23 crore per annum.

1. 7th pay commission recommended following allowances to be abolished:

The government will continue with the 12 out of 52 allowances.  Theese 12 allowances has been found to be unique and therefore will be continued.

2. House Rent Allowance 

HRA will not be less than Rs 5400, Rs 3600 and Rs 1800 for X, Y and Z category of cities.

3. Siachen Allowance

The 7th pay panel had placed Siachen Allowance to be enhanced from Rs 14,000 to Rs 30,000 per month because of the extreme living condition of Siachen. It means that the Siachen allowance will double for Jawans.

4. Dress Allowance

The dress allowance will continue at Rs 5000, Rs 10,000, Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 depending on the category of employees and will be paid in an installment basis, however in case of nurses, the allowances will be continued to be paid every month. Defence personnel are among those benefitting from the new recommendations

5. Tough Location Allowance

the tough location allowance will be from of Rs 1000 – Rs 5300 per month depending on the level of employees.

6. Here are some rrecommendations applicable to all the employees:

(i) Rate of Children Education Allowance (CEA) has been increases from. 1500 per month  to Rs. 2250 per month.

7. For defense personnel

i. Theer will be a ration money allowance which will be directly credited to the account of the  Defence officers posted in peace areas.It is going to benefit 43,000 Defence officers.

ii. Technical Allowance (Tier – I & II) is going to be merges with the Higher Qualification Incentive for Defence personnel.

iii. Leave Travel Concession will now be available to all personnel of CAPFs and the Indian Coast Guard.

iv. High Altitude gran has been increased from Rs 810 – Rs 16800 per month to Rs 2700 – Rs 25000 per month.


8. Indian Railways related allowances

i. Additional allowance has been increased from Rs 500 / 1000 per month to Rs 1125 / 2250 per month. Special Train Controller’s Allowance of RS.5000 will be provided to Train controllers of Railways.

9. For Nurses

Nursing Allowance ratas have got a hike from Rs 4800 per month to Rs 7200 per month.

ii.  Operation Theatre Allowance increased from Rs 360 per month to Rs 540 per month.

iii. Rates of Hospital Patient Care Allowance will be now in the range of  Rs 4100 – Rs 5300 per month.

10. Recommendations in respect of some important allowances paid to Pensioners

Medical allowance increased from Rs 500 per month to Rs 1000 per month.

11. For Scientific community

i. Space Technology Allowancewill now be Rs 11250 per annum.

12. Allowances paid to Department of Posts

i.The cycle allowance has been increaedd from Rs 90 per month to Rs 180 per month. This will benefit more than 22,200 employees.

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