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From 3 marks in Maths to 5 crores a day, incredible Virat Kohli story


ow many of your know that Virat scored just 3 marks in Maths, he was a spoilt kid in his early childhood and now he earns 5 crores every day. He is ruling the cricket world as well as the endorsements.

There are so many reasons to appreciate this incredible man. He is breaking all the records set by the greatest game. just 2 days ago, he scored 8000 runs in one dayers. He is the fastest one to to achieve the 8000 runs.

Millions of young people try to achieve the best in life, dream to become big and that is great and Virat Kohli is a great example to lead by. Hard work and determination can take one to uncharted heights, yes but the direction has to be right, the focus and hard work has to be there to achieve that.

Hyderabad : Indian captain Virat Kohli reacts as he returns after his dismissal during 3rd ODI match against Sri Lanka at Hyderabad on Sunday. PTI Photo by Shailendra Bhojak(PTI11_9_2014_000191A)

Virat Kohli was born in 1988 on 5th of November, his father was a criminal lawyer and his mother is a housewife. His mother says that when Virat was just 3 years of age, he would pick bat and ask his father to bowl and today he is ruling the cricket world. he was raised in the Uttam Nagar in Delhi. He started his schooling from Vishal Bharti Public school.

Kohli had a very difficult time in his life when his father died at the age of just 18. He fought it bravely and he was on the cricket field the next day. After a lot of hard work and a lot s of good performances, he was selected for the U 19 team and won the under 10 world Cup in Malaysia in 2008.

He was included in the team in India at the age of 19 against Sri Lanka. Since he started, he has incredible achievements to his name. Today he earns 5 croers a day, which is incredible for a person who just scored 3 marks in Mathematics.

It required hard work and dedication in whatever stream you choose in life, Virat Kohli is  a great inspiration to all the youth in the country. Go and achieve wherever you want, have faith in you and put right amount of work and in the right way in your work, Success will come in your way.

Nagpur: India's Virat Kohli speaks at a press conference after a practise session at VCA stadium in Nagpur on Monday. PTI Photo (PTI3_14_2016_000204B)



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